Business Valuation Expertise

Now that you are thinking of selling your business it is important to understand your business valuation and to finally have the answer to your question – “What is my business worth?”. Your business valuation will show you how to achieve the highest price for your business, quickly and confidentially.

Your business is possibly your most valuable asset, it is vital that you know your business valuation now that you are planning to sell. We perform over 1,600 confidential business valuations throughout Great Britain each year, ensuring all your questions are answered in full.

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Business Valuation: Confidentiality.

We can undertake your business valuation without your employees, customers or competitors knowing.


Business Valuation: Selling Your Business.

Whatever your situation, selling your business will be one of the most important business decisions you will ever make. When selling your business, few things are more important than an accurate business valuation.

Starting with your business valuation, we will find the hidden value locked inside your
business, answering your two most important questions:

What is my business worth?
And how can I increase the sale value?

We provide you with a business valuation that is clear, accurate and complete, going well beyond just your accounts.As a result, you should benefit from a confidential business sale, quickly and at the maximum value.

Your business valuation consultation does not merely provide you with an idea of your business value, it identifies areas that can be addressed to increase your business’ value so you receive the maximum value when selling your business, in the shortest time, with the least risk.

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Business Valuation: Selling Your Business for the Maximum Value

Selling your business for the maximum value is all about our proactive marketing and research techniques for attracting and motivating prospective purchasers, using our extensive databases and CRM technology to identify the best purchasers for your business and then contacting and negotiating with the prospective purchasers.

The secret of achieving the maximum value for your business is our unique selling and negotiation skills, proactive marketing and research. Simply telephone us free on 0800 046 1792 to arrange an appointment


Business Valuation: International Reach

Our extensive knowledge of industry sectors and wide overseas business networks together with our database of acquisitive companies, are an effective means of identifying potential international purchasers,as is our international mergers and acquisitions network.


Business Valuation: Service

Our dedicated team specializes in the valuation and the sale of businesses. We are committed to providing you with an unparalleled level of experience, expertise and knowledge with the goal of serving you professionally and confidentially.


Arrange Your Free Confidential Business Valuation

We would be pleased to carry out a free confidential business valuation for you. Simply telephone us free on 0800 046 1792 to arrange an appointment with an experienced business valuation expert.

We value businesses all over the United Kingdom, please call 0800 046 1792.

Our Recent Sales
  • Manufacture & Ecommerce- Diamante & Silver Jewellery SoLd
    Sector: Manufacturing and Engineering
    Location: Relocatable

    " This support was very much needed during what is a stressful time for anyone selling a business. I have no hesitation in recommending this company to assist with the sale of a business.

  • Toolmaking and Precision Engineering Company
    Sector: Manufacturing and Engineering
    Location: East Anglia

    " We conducted a research strategy which targeted businesses within the engineering industry to find a buyer that had good knowledge of the precision engineering sector and ready to grow a business to the next level.

  • Traditional Retail & Catering Family Butchers
    Sector: Food Retailing
    Location: Cambridgeshire

    " A very specific deal structure was required to meet the needs of the seller and purchaser and took the effort and coordination of seven different parties to successfully complete the transaction. The acquirer wrote “Many thanks for all your help! And for bearing with me!”

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