Company sale structures

Every deal is different and purchasers and vendors may have different ways of achieving what they want. Some examples:

Earn-out means that a part of the purchase price may be paid to the vendors over a period of time after completion (‘on the drip’), provided for example that they stay working for the company and/or the company achieves certain pre-agreed profit or other targets.

Vendor  financed means that part of the purchase price may be loaned to the purchaser by the vendor to enable completion to take place. Normally the vendor will get, as security for the loan, either loan notes or a hybrid form

of shares; they may also get a mortgage over the company, although this is usually a second mortgage behind the bank, or a personal guarantee from the purchaser. Vendors traditionally are reluctant to provide this sort of finance; however, it may be required in order to achieve the sale price they are seeking.


 Lock-step means that the purchasers buy an initial shareholding which is     then increased as certain milestones are achieved.

Our Recent Sales
  • Manufacture & Ecommerce- Diamante & Silver Jewellery SoLd
    Sector: Manufacturing and Engineering
    Location: Relocatable

    " This support was very much needed during what is a stressful time for anyone selling a business. I have no hesitation in recommending this company to assist with the sale of a business.

  • Toolmaking and Precision Engineering Company
    Sector: Manufacturing and Engineering
    Location: East Anglia

    " We conducted a research strategy which targeted businesses within the engineering industry to find a buyer that had good knowledge of the precision engineering sector and ready to grow a business to the next level.

  • Traditional Retail & Catering Family Butchers
    Sector: Food Retailing
    Location: Cambridgeshire

    " A very specific deal structure was required to meet the needs of the seller and purchaser and took the effort and coordination of seven different parties to successfully complete the transaction. The acquirer wrote “Many thanks for all your help! And for bearing with me!”

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