How much is your business worth?

When it comes to selling your business, the most important question you need to ask is - how much is your business worth? When it comes to valuing your business, you need to consider how much each business is worth, or what someone would pay for it. Obviously, there are a number of reasons why business valuations need to be carried out; it might be that someone is considering selling part or all of it, or that someone is actually interested in purchasing the business. It might be on the death of an owner, or for drawing up a will, or it might just be because the owner wants to know what he or she is worth

There are almost as many reasons for wanting to know the value of a business, as there are businesses. To add to the complications, there are a number of different methods of conducting business valuations such as: P:E multipliers, discounted cash flows, dividend valuation methods , industry rules of thumb and a host of other techniques can make business valuation a minefield for the uninitiated. Our business valuations are independent, very cost effective and are based on information provided in Management Accounts (if necessary) which will give a good indication of what a potential buyer might pay for the business.

To take matters a step further, please call now on 0800 046 1792 .When you employ our services, you have access to experienced, knowledgeable business valuation experts who have great experience in valuing and selling businesses and know how to advise you on a successful sale, offering commercially-focused expertise, delivered in clear language with a proactive, straightforward approach, with the experience and perspective that make us one of the country’s most successful and respected business valuation firms.

Business valuations are more of an art than a science, the right business valuation is the price you are willing to receive and a willing and able buyer is prepared to pay. The art of your business valuation is based on the experience of the valuation professional, call now on 0800 046 1792

Call now for a FREE, no obligation business valuation. Your call will be treated in the strictest confidence and, of course, places you under no obligation call now on 0800 046 1792

Our Recent Sales
  • Manufacture & Ecommerce- Diamante & Silver Jewellery SoLd
    Sector: Manufacturing and Engineering
    Location: Relocatable

    " This support was very much needed during what is a stressful time for anyone selling a business. I have no hesitation in recommending this company to assist with the sale of a business.

  • Toolmaking and Precision Engineering Company
    Sector: Manufacturing and Engineering
    Location: East Anglia

    " We conducted a research strategy which targeted businesses within the engineering industry to find a buyer that had good knowledge of the precision engineering sector and ready to grow a business to the next level.

  • Traditional Retail & Catering Family Butchers
    Sector: Food Retailing
    Location: Cambridgeshire

    " A very specific deal structure was required to meet the needs of the seller and purchaser and took the effort and coordination of seven different parties to successfully complete the transaction. The acquirer wrote “Many thanks for all your help! And for bearing with me!”

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How much is your business worth ?

When it comes to selling your business, the most important question you need to ask is - how much ...

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